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Unbound Inbound

HubSpot Marketing Manager

The Client

Unbound Inbound

Unbound Inbound helps businesses streamline their sales journey with technology and internal processes alignment -- all to deliver powerful sales funnels and convert more prospects into raving fans, transforming your bottom line along the way.

Project Start: February 2024
Project End: ongoing

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The Problem

Unbound Inbound supports multiple clients through its marketing agency and needs occasional support from a HubSpot marketing expert.

The Solution

HubSpot Marketing Manager

As HubSpot marketing manager, I am responsible for supporting Unbound Inbound's clients with email marketing, contact and list management, pipeline management, marketing automation, and more. I help identify issues, pose solutions, and make any necessary updates so that the clients are able to continue their marketing efforts smoothly.

Software & Social Media Platforms I Used



Client Testimonial

"We hired Ashley over a year ago to help with some changes and updates we needed done with our Hubspot platform. To say she exceeded expectations would be an understatement. Everything we needed she did...and did flawlessly.

Ashley was also able to see other gaps and opportunities for improvement. She was able to quickly provide solutions and get them implemented.

In short, Ashley has been an amazing resource for our business!"

Tim Parmeter

FranCoach Founder & CEO

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