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About Me

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Meet Your Marketing Expert

Hi, I'm Ashley!

In May 2021, I launched A Peak Marketing to help small businesses and startups take their marketing to new heights. These two types of businesses typically have small teams and limited resources but big goals and lots of ideas. 

That's where I come in to help!

I get to know your brand, your marketing goals, and your business goals—and I create a tailored marketing plan that we'll use as a roadmap to reach them together.

And as for me, and as many marketers do, I wear many hats—including business owner, digital nomad, and freelance marketer. See below for more info about each.

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I created A Peak Marketing with 2 goals in mind

Share my wealth of knowledge and expertise with multiple companies at the same time.

Throughout the earlier years of my career, I wanted to work for an agency to be able to work on many client projects at once. After never being hired by one, and with unexpected changes in my career, I've now started my own freelance marketing business to turn that dream into a reality.

Provide the opportunity for young talent to gain valuable experience.

When it came time for summer internships between junior and senior year of college, I got overlooked because my interview skills were lacking. Yet I know if I was given the chance, I would have given 110% to everything. I want to give those who, like me at that time, may not be the best at interviews the chance to show me what they're made of.

Get to know me! I am a...

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Freelance Marketer

For the first 6 years of my career, I spent my time in corporate marketing roles like Marketing Assistant and Marketing Manager where I worked on all aspects of marketing. Nearly two years ago, I became a freelance marketer (to take control of my life and my time) to provide full-service marketing to small businesses on a project-basis, which has also led me to work in startup marketing through the connections I've made.

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Business Owner

To better serve my clients, I created my own marketing business nearly three years ago that I intend to grow and scale. Right now, my business is freelance marketing, but I have plans to switch to an agency model where I build dream teams for client projects with experts in their respective fields.

Digital Nomad

Working for myself means that all I need to work is an internet connection. This led me to pack up all my belongings into storage, find destinations that I'd like to travel to, book long-term Airbnb's, and work from anywhere in the world. So far, I've been to Canada, Mexico, Malta, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Aruba.

You can follow along on my travel site Nomadically Ashley.

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