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Portfolia Marketing Manager

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The Client


Portfolia creates investment funds designed for women, backing innovative companies, for returns and impact. They are creating the world's most powerful community of women investors.

They design their funds the way high net worth women want to invest: With a special interest in appealing to influential women who own half of the wealth, buy the majority of products, but rarely invest in startup companies.

Project Start: April 2022
Project End: January 2023

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.

The Problem

The Portfolia Team lacked the internal resources needed for many of their marketing-related functions and sought support from an expert with a background in financial services marketing.

Portfolia needed a marketing expert to join the team to not only fill the gap on the team, but to create and implement effective marketing strategies throughout the entire marketing funnel -- from general awareness of the brand to marketing specific funds to converting new investors and creating an unparalleled member experience.

The Solution

Ongoing HubSpot Manager

With limited internal resources to manage marketing and sales in HubSpot, I stepped in as HubSpot marketing manager to create workflows, send marketing emails, manage social, create lists, set up reports, and look into and fix issues as they arise.

Organic Social Media Marketing

I served as Portfolia's organic social media marketer, providing end-to-end social media management. I created all content, engaged on social as the brand, and shared relevant content from fund partners, members, and companies in their investment fund portfolios.

Email Marketing Manager

I served as Portfolia's email marketing manager, determining who was contacted about what and when. I managed the bi-weekly member newsletter and monthly non-member newsletter. I helped create lead nurturing campaigns and onboarding campaigns from the member experience manager.

Event Marketing Promotion

For all events, I created the event marketing plan, which included all logistics and promotion plans. For virtual events, I was responsible for executing all logistics and promotional plans. For in-person events, I managed the digital logistics and all promotional plans. Promotional plans included social media posts, email marketing, advertising, social community engagement, and more.

Website & Landing Pages

I created and updated website pages in Squarespace for the public-facing site and gated member-only site. For campaigns and events, I utilized landing pages to capture leads and event registrations.

Social Advertising

When we allocated budget to paid social media advertising, I created the strategy and implemented the campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Client Testimonial

"Working with Ashley is always a pleasure. She is very reliable, hits all deadlines I have ever given her and goes above and beyond.

Her personality is infectious and she is always cheerful, but more importantly, her work is outstanding. She has grown our social audience over 100%, increased our engagement ten fold at least, and is always coming up with innovative ideas to further our company. Her email marketing is impressive and drives results every time.

She is a true digital marketer in every sense of the word. I’d hire her again without a moments hesitation."

Mikaela G Headshot
Mikaela Gillette

Portfolia's Demand Generation Manager (formerly)

Samples of My Work

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