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HubSpot Manager | Social Media | Email Marketing

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The Client


FranCoach is a national search firm dedicated to helping the first-time business owner as well as the seasoned entrepreneur find the perfect business opportunity. They're partnered with over 600 franchisors in nearly 70 industries, which helps them find their clients the best franchise to own.

The Franchising 101 Podcast

FranCoach Founder & CEO Tim Parmeter hosts a weekly podcast with the goal of keeping listeners informed on all things franchise ownership and helping them discover if franchisor ownership is right for them.

Project Start: November 2021
Project End: May 2023

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The Problem

The FranCoach Team lacked the internal resources needed for many of their marketing-related functions and sought support from an expert.

FranCoach initially needed an email content audit and redesign of their HubSpot email templates. The previous templates were unprofessional and not up-to-par with the owner's expectations. Plus the owner had no idea if the content was resonating, if there were grammatical errors, or if the links worked properly and needed someone to audit and update accordingly.

After completion of the initial email marketing project, and with little resources on the team, FranCoach needed ongoing HubSpot support to keep up with their marketing team's production.

Several months into ongoing support, plus being unhappy with the former social media manager's content, FranCoach asked me to take over.

The Solution

Marketing Email Content Audit & Template Redesign

For the content audit, I reviewed all automated emails used in active workflows for content improvement and accuracy, and updated accordingly.

During the marketing email template redesign, I provided multiple options that were more modern, user-friendly, and optimized for all devices--then applied the new design to all regular and automated emails.

Social Media Marketing

When I first took over as social media manager, the owner only wanted to me to post one post per week in addition to the weekly podcast promotion to break up the content.

After weeks of posting in this fashion, the owner's unhappiness with how the feed looked, and per my recommendation to implement a strategy, the owner asked me to create and execute a social media content strategy.

As of late February 2023, we are working on incorporating a follower growth and engagement strategy.

Weekly Podcast Promotion

As the weekly podcast is recorded and broadcast on all popular podcast streaming services, I am responsible for promoting the latest episode to their HubSpot and MailChimp marketing email databases, as well as sharing the news on social media.

Ongoing HubSpot Manager

With limited internal resources to manage marketing and sales in HubSpot, I stepped in as HubSpot marketing manager to create workflows, send marketing emails, manage social, set up reports, and look into and fix issues as they arise.

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Client Testimonial

"We hired Ashley over a year ago to help with some changes and updates we needed done with our Hubspot platform. To say she exceeded expectations would be an understatement. Everything we needed she did...and did flawlessly.

Ashley was also able to see other gaps and opportunities for improvement. She was able to quickly provide solutions and get them implemented.

In short, Ashley has been an amazing resource for our business!"

Tim P Headshot
Tim Parmeter

FranCoach Founder & CEO

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