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Distribution Unlimited

HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation and Training


DISCLAIMER: This is a TrueVyne project that I work on as a white-label partner

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The Client

Distribution Unlimited

Distribution Unlimited is a physician-owned medical supply company. Their knowledgeable staff are committed to providing top-notch customer service and diagnostic, patient care, and housekeeping supplies at competitive prices.

Project Start: August 2023
Project End: September 2023

success smart medical doctor working with operating room as concept

The Problem

TrueVyne had a client in need of setting up their new instance of HubSpot, specifically to support their sales team in creating and closing deals. Since HubSpot was new to them, they did not know how to use the tool and needed support to get it set up and running how they needed it to.

The Solution

HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation

I worked with the management and sales team to uncover what the sales team needed set up in HubSpot and how they needed it to operate using the Sales Hub Starter package. I created their pipeline, set up contact properties to capture data specific to their business, and verified their account settings were set up properly.

HubSpot Sales Hub Training

After setting up the Sales Hub, I conducted several training sessions to help the sales team learn about HubSpot, where to find what they needed, and how to use the various tools that will help them be successful as a sales team.

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Client Testimonial

"We hired Ashley over a year ago to help with some changes and updates we needed done with our Hubspot platform. To say she exceeded expectations would be an understatement. Everything we needed she did...and did flawlessly.

Ashley was also able to see other gaps and opportunities for improvement. She was able to quickly provide solutions and get them implemented.

In short, Ashley has been an amazing resource for our business!"

Tim Parmeter

FranCoach Founder & CEO

Samples of My Work

APM Website_ Distribution Unlimited Work Sample 1
APM Website_ Distribution Unlimited Work Sample 2

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