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Buy Wholesale Cabinets

Ecommerce Email Marketing


DISCLAIMER: This is a TrueVyne project that I work on as a subcontractor

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The Client

Buy Wholesale Cabinets

Buy Wholesale Cabinets (BWC) is a top national distributor of shaker white and gray RTA kitchen cabinets & vanities. That said, our warehouses across the country serve as distribution centers and are not open to the general public. If a customer has a multi-family order, we can arrange a tour or a showing at our Dallas and Irving, TX warehouses.

Project Start: June 2024
Project End: ongoing

White brick wall in contemporary designed kitchen

The Problem

TrueVyne had an ongoing client in need of a robust email marketing strategy. They needed to bring an email marketer onto the project to create a thorough strategy, design emails, and manage the HubSpot email marketing hub for their client. 

At the time I was brought on to the project, there was very little email marketing in place. They had a follow up email for their discount offer, and a few monthly emails, but they wanted to leverage email marketing to support sales on their online store.

The Solution

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Since the client has a limited budget for email marketing, we prioritized creating one email marketing campaign at a time. For the first campaign, we prioritized creating a lead nurturing email series for people who abandon their cart. Our next campaign priority is to create a longer email series to remind people to use their discount code. We have at least 3-4 more email campaigns planned.

Software & Social Media Platforms I Used



Client Testimonial

"We hired Ashley over a year ago to help with some changes and updates we needed done with our Hubspot platform. To say she exceeded expectations would be an understatement. Everything we needed she did...and did flawlessly.

Ashley was also able to see other gaps and opportunities for improvement. She was able to quickly provide solutions and get them implemented.

In short, Ashley has been an amazing resource for our business!"

Tim Parmeter

FranCoach Founder & CEO

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