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Aunt Flow

Social Media Marketing


DISCLAIMER: This is a fivefoottwo marketing project that I worked on as a subcontractor

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The Client

Aunt Flow

Aunt Flow is making the world better for people with periods. They developed a solution to ensure businesses and schools could sustainably provide quality period products, for free, in bathrooms. 

Project Start: August 2022
Project End: October 2022

Laughing women wearing pink for breast cancer in parkland

The Problem

fivefoottwo marketing previously had a end-to-end marketing project with Aunt Flow who then took their marketing internal. After a while, the Aunt Flow Team needed additional marketing support as their efforts ramped up and reached back out to fivefoottwo marketing for additional support.

fivefoottwo marketing needed to bring on a social media marketer to create the social strategy, begin producing content, and engage on social media as the brand.

The Solution

Social Media Marketing

When I came onto this fivefoottwo marketing project as the Social Media Manager, I moved quickly to learn about the brand, review all brand guidelines, and begin creating the first content plan so that the internal team could focus on other marketing activities.

Software & Social Media Platforms I Used










Client Testimonial

"We hired Ashley over a year ago to help with some changes and updates we needed done with our Hubspot platform. To say she exceeded expectations would be an understatement. Everything we needed she did...and did flawlessly.

Ashley was also able to see other gaps and opportunities for improvement. She was able to quickly provide solutions and get them implemented.

In short, Ashley has been an amazing resource for our business!"

Tim Parmeter

FranCoach Founder & CEO

Samples of My Work

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